Visual Arts Visiting Speaker series presents

Daniel Laskarin

Recorded NOVEMBER 7, 2023

Since completing his MFA at UCLA in 1991, Daniel Laskarin has produced and  exhibited his work across Canada and internationally. With a background as a helicopter pilot/engineer in the mountains of British Columbia and the Yukon, his experience in the moving dimensionality of flight and in translating the codes of navigational maps into physical space ultimately led to sculptural and multimedia objects and  installations investigating the structure of perception mapped as knowledge and consciousness within everyday life.

Understanding that the “expanded field” is utterly blown apart, his work makes things that stay together, that look for their own order in a condition of disorder, and that at the same time remain unsettled. This work uses diverse mediums, drawn from industrial materials and processes, sometimes incorporating photography and video, optics, robotics systems, installation and sound. Alongside his studio practice he has been involved with set design,  public image projections, and large-scale public commissions in the Pacific Northwest and currently teaches at the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Victoria in western Canada.

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