Kelly Richardson’s Origin Stories on set with Metallica, photo: SETTA

Kelly Richardson discusses her work with Metallica on CBC As It Happens

Never in her wildest dreams did Kelly Richardson think her work would one day become the backdrop to the epic musical stylings of Metallica.

But three of the B.C. artist’s pieces are featured prominently in the metal group’s new music video for 72 Seasons, the new single off their upcoming album of the same name.

Saccenti and Chang, who run a creative studio called Setta out of New York City and L.A., thought Richardson’s art resonated with what they were trying to accomplish.

“Aside from being longtime fans of her work, we both felt Kelly’s pieces had a particular kind of monumental grandeur, a sense of awe, that mirrored the sonically heavy sound of Metallica,” Saccenti said in an email.

“There’s a primal unease to her pieces that cuts to your core.”