Heart Seed Creatives presents

The Choice To Be Creative with Lindsay Delaronde

Published SEPTEMBER 6, 2021

Chantal Solomon interviews Lindsay Delaronde about staying true to her chosen path as an Indigenous Artist while navigating modern notions of artistry. She generously shares insights & cultural perspectives for creatives who are defining their own unique journey.

Resilient Creatives is a podcast where Chantal Solomon interviews artists from diverse backgrounds to explore the benefits of being creative, as well as the unique hurdles, triumphs and influences they have experienced while cultivating their art practice.

The Artist

Lindsay Katsitsakatste Delaronde is a Kanienke’haka from Kahnawake. She holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in the Indigenous Communities Counseling Psychology Program from the University of Victoria. She is currently the Audain Professor in Contemporary Art Practice of the Pacific Northwest in the Visual Arts Department at UVic.

Her artistic practice focuses on Indigenous theatre, land-based dramaturgy, site-specific performance art, co-creative collaborative practice, cultural resurgence and social/political activism and decolonial methodologies in art. Her multi-media disciplines include: photography, leatherwork, beadwork, textiles, screen-printing performance/theatre, embodiment/dance. Her artistic philosophy is grounded within Indigenous aesthetic artistic practices influenced and shaped by her Haudenosaunee epistemologies. Her solo and community projects intimately converse with the socio-political relationship to land, body, cosmos, identity, Indigenous sovereignty and Indigenous feminisms to forge artistic pathways towards a liberatory existence for self-actualization and self-determination. She weaves culture, art, history, ceremony, healing, spirituality, breath, song, human development and mindfulness into the tapestry of the creative process to support the re-visioning of Indigenous futurities of hope and beauty. Transcending the intergenerational soul wound through the impasse of the radical creative spirit is what she strives to offer in her work.